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What’s in a Bum?


There are many reasons that humans were blessed with the buttocks, the derriere, the bottom, the booty. We could get scientific on you and take you back to high school biology class. But this blog is about the Bio-K+ Bum Run. And, ironically, did you know that you need your bum to run? Some have theorized that the human bum – the exterior, that is – is created from muscles that are critical for the act of running. The muscles in your bum connect your femur to your trunk, which literally stop you from falling on your face when you run. Its no coincidence then that the Bio-K+ Bum Run literally unites your bum with what it is meant to do. Join us on Sunday, August 26, 2012 and remind your bottom of its evolutionary beginning.

Get ready!

The 1st Annual Bio-K+ Bum Run starts in:
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