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The Backside, Issue 3 – Meet Isabelle & Michael

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Bio-K+ Bum Run Ambassadors 2014

Team Members of “The House that Di Built”

Super Powers: Sweetness & Persuasion – the perfect recipe for a successful lemonade stand!
Age: 10 & 5
Home town: Toronto

Last year, Isabelle & Michael taught us about the power of turning lemons into lemonade.

The money they raised was in the name of an extraordinary woman and an even more extraordinary friendship.

BR: Why did you choose to sign up for the Bio-K+ Bum Run?

I & M: We joined the team “The House that Di Built” to raise money in honour of Dianne Shail, a family member battling cancer. (And sadly lost the battle on September 18, 2013)

BR: What will be your greatest motivation on race day?

I & M: Our greatest motivation will be the memory of Dianne, and the hope that what we are doing will contribute to a cure so that others will not have to endure what Dianne did.

BR: Beyond the Bio-K+ Bum Run, who or what inspires you on a daily basis?

I & M: We were inspired by the generosity of the people in our community. People went out of their way to buy our lemonade. Cars would reverse down our one way street or drive around the block. People would more often then not donate much more than expected. We heard many stories of how others have been affected by cancer which also inspired us.

BR: How many times have you participated in the Bio-K+ Bum Run?

I & M: 2013 was our first year participating.

BR: What is your fundraising goal?

I & M: Last year we raised over $225.00 at our lemonade stand, so our goal will be to surpass that amount. This amount was added to money raised through online donations on the Bio-K+ Bum Run website.

BR: Do you plan on walking/running the race this year or one day in the future?

I & M: We will be walking and running with our team at the 2014 Bio-K+ Bum Run and our team plans to join in again next year.

BR: If your bum could talk, what would it say?

I & M: RUN!

BR: Last year you made lemons into lemonade. Given the change in date, what will be your fundraising strategy this year?

I & M: We are planning to have a hot chocolate stand this year. We are considering hitting local skating rinks in hopes of attracting more customers.

BR: You are officially citizens of Bumnation. Is there anything you want to say to prospective recruits?

I & M: Get up off of your bum and run! The Bio-K+ Bum Run is a great experience, our family enjoyed participating in the 2013 run.

When we asked the Cosleys how they were related to Dianne, we were touched by this beautiful response:

“Dianne and my mother were the best of friends — more than I have ever seen in my life. They met 30 years ago at a support group for widows. My mum counselled there after having lost her husband to cancer a decade earlier. Together, they ultimately started their own support group. As their families grew, we all adopted each other through their bond. When talking with Dianne’s kids I would affectionately refer to Dianne and my mum as “the mums”. They were very interchangeable – they even looked alike. They could use each other’s membership cards and played along whenever people would confuse them for one another. As they grew closer, they moved closer… and eventually ended up sharing a home together. I guess the simple answer is, she was like family.

— Lesley Cosley,
Mom & Lemonade Mixologist.


The Backside Is Back!

The Backside, Issue 2 – Meet Erin!

Click above to read our second newsletter and meet our next Bio-K+ Bum Run ambassador, Erin!
Erin and Team Paul have been big supporters of the Bio-K+ Bum Run.

Erin Stone with her father, Paul Stone

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