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Do you want to sign up for the Bio-K+ Bum Run but aren’t sure if you can run an entire 5K? Maybe you’re coping with an old injury that you’re afraid will rear its ugly head once you strap on your running shoes? Here are some tips that might make you feel more confident about joining us. First, contrary to the name of this event, you really don’t have to run at all! Participants are welcome to walk the 5K to raise awareness about colorectal cancer. But if you want to run, and just aren’t sure if you can make it, here are our low-pressure, time-sensitive, and completely non-professional tips. Give yourself 10 minutes, 2-3 times a week. Just run around the block and if you feel tired, take it to a walk break. Run 10 minutes and, if you feel good, increase your run by 5 minutes each week. If you can make it to 30 minutes by the end of August – we’re confident that you will be ready to walk/run at the Bio-K+ Bum Run. Walk, Run, Skip or Jog it out. All speeds are welcome on August 26, 2012!

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