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A Salute to BumNation: Stay Ahead of your Behind.

This is our last blog before the race on Sunday. It is a tribute to you, bumnation, who have blown us away with your generosity and support. Colon Cancer is not a light topic. No one wants to talk about it. Not because of it’s location but because it’s so real. Almost everyone knows someone affected by it in one way or another. And yet it’s as close to preventable as cancer gets. No one wants to imagine hearing “those words”. Our colons are so essential to our vitality. It’s too much to bear. This Sunday, we will come together as a nation of people who are fighting for awareness. Be aware. Speak to your doctor. Stay ahead of your behind. And we hope that one day there will be no need for a Bum Run. But for now, we will salute you all on Sunday, August 25th at 8am when our race begins and celebrate with you at the finish line. Bumnation unites. We are so grateful to you all.

Calling on Citizens of Bumnation!

THIS IS IT!  There are only 6 days until race day.  We are in the final stretch.  We know that some of you have been avoiding asking your colleagues, friends and family to sponsor you.  We know it’s awkard.  What if they just delete your email?  What if they avoid you?  What if they ask you to *gasp* sponsor them back?  We get it.  It’s not easy.  But we say: HAVE NO SHAME!  After all, we are called the Bio-K+ “Bum Run”.  We have no shame.  It’s the last week.  Title your email “If you can sponsor me anything that would be great but if you can’t that’s cool”.  Or just ask for people to cheer you on, tweet you through, like our facebook page, & get informed about colorectal screening & prevention.  This cause is huge.  Almost everyone knows someone who has been touched by colon cancer.  People don’t like to talk about it.  Bum cancer?  Who wants to think about bum cancer?  WE DO.  Catch us on Breakfast Television with Melanie Ng Tuesday morning 6:20am talking about it.  We have no shame in shouting and tweeting to the world: CHECK OUT OUR BUMS!  They are bouncing on Sunday, August 25th at the 2013 Bio-k+ Bum Run so that you will check out YOUR BUM too.  6 more days.  Let’s do this.  Bumnation unites!

The End is Near

It’s not over.  Summer days are few but you can still make the most of them. We think this thematic “end” link with the Biok+ Bum Run is no coincidence! No one wants to talk about the end.  But we aren’t afraid here.  Did you know your end is one of the most common and yet most preventable hosts for cancer?  Talk to your doctor about how you can screen for colorectal cancer and keep healthy.  This blogger suggests what better way to start than a 5K run or walk at the Biok+ Bum Run on August 25th.  Registration is almost closed.  Don’t miss the perfect summer end for your end!

In The Beginning, There Was a Bum…

Welcome back to our 2nd year of bum blogging.  That’s right – we are only two months away from the second annual Bio-K+ Bum Run and here’s what you need to know.  Last year, we raised $50,000 for Colon Cancer Canada to help bring awareness about colorectal cancer screening and prevention.  We hope to do it all over again this year.  So let’s start this blog like we did last year – with the basics of your bum.  As we shouted to the world last year – bums and runs are a symbiotic partnership.  You can’t run without a bum.  Your bum muscles connect to your femur, which basically stops you from falling on your face when you run.   So join us in thanking our bums for the gift of the run on Sunday, August 25, 2013 and remind your bottom of its evolutionary beginning!

It’s Go Time.

Sunday is almost here. Are you feeling sheepish about asking people to sponsor you? Have you let your training routine lapse? Are you worried about crossing that finish line? We are here to say “it’s okay”. Some tips:

1. Don’t feel shy about asking people to sponsor you. The statistics show that almost everyone you know has been touched by colorectal cancer in one way or another. Encourage your contacts who feel that they are unable to sponsor you to do their part to promote awareness and prevention.

2. Enjoy these last moments of summer and motivate yourself to get outside each day this week for a brisk walk in this beautiful weather.

3. This is a stress-free, run for your bum event. We are thrilled that you are coming out to join us for such a great cause no matter how fast, slow, or bouncy your buns are! We thank you for staying tuned into our blog over these past few weeks and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday, August 26, 2012 at 8 a.m. for the inaugural Bio-K Bum Run!

What does your end look like?

August is here. The end of summer looms. This is it. You have been increasing your outdoor activity all summer. You’ve been walking “above ground” at your lunch hour. You’ve been sitting on the balcony, on a patio, or in the backyard. You’ve been on your bike, walked in your best runners, and let the sun see your face. Everything you have done has helped you and your body. You have been good to yourself. But as Autumn approaches, only you can answer this question: What does your end look like? May we suggest that you end your summer with a tribute to the beautiful outdoors by walking or running in the Bio-K+ Bum Run on August 26, 2012. Make it a morning where you walk outside and say to the world, “check out my end.” It is for a great cause, with a great crowd, and great sponsors. Come on out in support of the Bio-K+ Bum Run and show us what your end looks like.

What’s in a Bum?


There are many reasons that humans were blessed with the buttocks, the derriere, the bottom, the booty. We could get scientific on you and take you back to high school biology class. But this blog is about the Bio-K+ Bum Run. And, ironically, did you know that you need your bum to run? Some have theorized that the human bum – the exterior, that is – is created from muscles that are critical for the act of running. The muscles in your bum connect your femur to your trunk, which literally stop you from falling on your face when you run. Its no coincidence then that the Bio-K+ Bum Run literally unites your bum with what it is meant to do. Join us on Sunday, August 26, 2012 and remind your bottom of its evolutionary beginning.

Get ready!

The 1st Annual Bio-K+ Bum Run starts in:
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