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The Backside, Issue 1

Our very first issues of our own Bio-K+ Bum Run Newsletter, The Backside! Our first issue features our top Bio-K+ Bum Run fundraiser to date, David Brown. See below to read his story and why he is so passionate about this cause.

David Brown

Welcome to The Backside

The (very first) Bio-K+ Bum Run Newsletter

Issue 1, February 10,2014


“On that fateful day in March 2012 my life and the life of my now wife changed forever.

 I put off the colonoscopy not thinking that it would ever reveal what it revealed…

I cannot change the past but I can change how I approach my health today.  So I

tell my story and share my journey really for selfish reasons – it is my therapy.”

 — David Brown




 Captain of “Kicking the Crap Crew”


 AGE: 44

 HOMETOWN:  Eden Mills & Toronto


 David has been the top fundraiser for the Bio-K+ Bum Run in its first two years.

  The BR Team is so inspired by him that we thought it only fair to share him with


BR: Why did you choose to sign up for the Bio-K+ Bum Run?

DB:  I first heard about it in 2012 from the nurses in the Oncology clinic at St.

Joseph’s Health Centre while I was in treatment there.  I participated in the first

event as a patient on active treatment and last year I joined post-chemo and determined

to beat my fundraising and time records.  This year, I again strive to be the number

one fundraiser – the cause is so entirely personal.

BR: What will be your greatest motivation on race day?

DB:  Being healthy enough to walk or run in this event 2 years after being diagnosed

with Stage III Colon Cancer.

BR: Who or what inspires you on a daily basis?


1. My 14-month old son, Benjamin.  I want to be his SuperDad when he      graduates

University.  I want to speak at his wedding.  I want to be his hero like he is mine.

2. My wife, Victoria.

3. My friend and blog inspiration, Barb, who passed away in 2013 from a rare gastro-intestinal


BR: If your bum could talk, what would it say?

DB:  1.  You should have listened to me sooner.

2.  Did my back crack?

BR: You are officially a citizen of Bumnation. Is there anything you want to say

 to prospective recruits?

DB:  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Spread the word about colorectal cancer, awareness

and screening. Every dollar and every sponsor and every person who is made aware

 of the importance of colorectal cancer screening is appreciated. You all inspire


Get screened, get the word out about screening. If you are in a high-risk category

-talk to your doctor and get screened.

Screening tests like FOBT and colonoscopies are nothing to fear. Believe me – the

prep is far far worse than the procedure itself.

And did I say this already? THANK YOU!

BR:  Thank you, David!

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