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The Backside Issue 11 – Meet Marie Taurasi and The CCAC

Meet Marie Taurasi

Marie Taurasi and her family.  Marie is participating in the Balanse Bum Run for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. 

“This is not an “old person’s disease.”  If you are having any types of symptoms – go and have yourself checked.

This is what saved me – a colonoscopy

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Marie Taurasi
AGE: 43
HOME TOWN: Richmond Hill
PASSION: Family Time

BR: Can you tell us about your affiliation with CCAC?

MT:  I met Filomena with the CCAC through a mutual friend. This organization isamazing!  They help me, educate me, and most importantly, support me through this journey of mine.    

BR:  What message do you want the world to know about Colon Cancer? 

MT:  Colon Cancer is 90% preventable if detected early.  So do your part and get a colonoscopy because this cancer is treatable & beatable!  

BR: Do you have a personal mantra?

MT:  I have a lot to live for.  I have two beautiful kids.  My son is going to University in the Fall for medicine, and my daughter will be starting high school in the Fall as well.  I need to be around for them – to see their accomplishments and to help guide them.  My husband and I hope to buy a house on the lake one day and grow old together.   

BR:  Have you been part of the Balanse Bum Run before?

MT:  No, I have not been part of the Balanse Bum Run before but I am looking forward to it and am participating with family and friends.
BR:  How would you characterize your running skills on a scale of “Homer Simpson Beginner” to “Tazmanian Devil Speed Demon”?

MT: I’m not an advocate runner but I do like to take long walks with my husband.  

BR: What do you think will encourage more people to participate in colorectal screening?  

MT:  This is not an “old person’s disease.”  If you are having any types of symptoms – go and have yourself checked.  This is what saved me – a colonoscopy.

BR:  If your bum could talk, what would it say?

MT:  “If you want me to stick behind you – make sure you do your screening tests!”

BR:  You are officially a citizen of #BumNation. Is there anything you want to say to prospective Balanse Bum Run recruits?

MT:  This is an amazing campaign to make people aware of this disease.  Together, we need to tell people our stories so that they don’t think they are alone in fighting this.  We are a group of strong individuals of all ages! 

Marie was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer on January 19, 2015.  She had a temporary ileostomy put in on February 6, 2015, and is now undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Marie is grateful for the help and support of the Colorectal Association of Canada for educating and guiding her through this journey. 
The Bum Run Team thanks Marie for sharing her very new story to help raise awareness about the CCAC.
The CCAC is dedicated to increasing awareness of colorectal cancer, supporting patients, and advocating for population-based screening and timely access to effective treatments. 
The CCAC is bringing the Giant Colon Tour to the Balanse Bum Run!  A 40 ft long, 8 ft high colon — an exhibition for all ages featuring the pathologies that may be found inside the human colon.  Don’t miss it! (It will be hard to miss.)

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